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Arrow: Season 2 (Blake Neely)

Arrow: Season 2 Soundtrack Cover
Arrow: Season 2 Soundtrack Cover

Arrow: Season 2 Soundtrack by Blake Neely (2014)

Get it:  If you want a soundtrack that, while largely action-based, incorporates a wide variety of emotions

Don’t get it:  If you’re looking for something with a more clear-cut progression and more focused style

From La-La Land Records comes the soundtrack for Arrow: Season 2 by Blake Neely.  Immediately, Neely throws you straight into the action.  But before long, you’re listening to the moments with a softer touch, which were rather nicely done.  Throughout, this exhibits a very good variety in theme, style, and focus.  Granted, this was made for a television show, so this is somewhat required, but nonetheless it is done well.  This is not a repeat performance of Neely’s work on The Mentalist, which is good for establishing identity — regardless of the accomplishments or popularity of the Mentalist score. 

At times there’s a “sneaking in the shadows about to fight” feeling, but that could turn around to be a more introspective, soft feel.  For some tracks, you can sense the coming commercial break.  Then, it abruptly happens (as popular with modern television music). 

The instrumental elements combine well for this soundtrack.  There’s nice percussion for action, strings for suspense, brass for intensity, and so on.  In addition, there’s also an interesting occasional use of electric sounds mixed in.  This is a fairly hefty soundtrack in terms of overall length and content.  Some of the highlights were tracks like “Own Worst Enemy” and “Heir to the Demon,” which was Mentalist-like, but since the two shows’ music doesn’t cross over that much, it works fine. 

In the end, Blake Neely did a wonderful job with this television soundtrack.  He expressed a wide range of emotions, used numerous styles and instruments, and still worked it into a great format for television.  A big congrats and thank you to Blake Neely for putting this work together for an audience.

Here’s a sample of “Heir to the Demon”

Click here, here, or here to shop for the soundtrack

Click here for more samples from La-La Land Records (and click the Track Listing/Samples tab)

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