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Rabbit & Rogue Original Ballet Score (Danny Elfman)

Sony Classical

Rabbit & Rogue Original Ballet Score by Danny Elfman (2016) with the Limited Deluxe Edition (2017)

Get it:  If you want to go on a fantastical musical journey lead by Danny Elfman

Don’t get it:  If you want a typical film-styled soundtrack with the usual formula

This is a little bit of an unusual review for us as we usually stick to film and television scores.  However, with this ballet score being composed by legendary film composer Danny Elfman, we had to give it a listen.  Sure enough, it was not the wrong decision.  The best thing to say about this score is that it is unapologetically Danny Eflman.  In fact, it is a perfect blend of his style with that of the legendary classical composers that would score ballet.  That’s really what it is.  He uses such a fascinating combination of instruments to achieve a unique sound that belongs to only this score.  Yet, at the same time, anyone listening could tell that this is the essence of Mr. Elfman.  No one listening would guess that this was his first attempt at a ballet score.

With only six tracks, even though they are as long as ten minutes, you still want more.  This appeals to those of us who are Elfman fans, as well as anyone who can thoroughly enjoy a ballet score.  Beyond that, there isn’t much to say — not from a lack of comments, just that the only way to truly understand it is to give it a listen yourself (posted below).   Instead of trying to come up with some words to describe it, this is something that you yourself can get a preview of, and that would be better than anything I could say in this case where words just aren’t quite enough.

Rabbit & Rogue (Limited Deluxe Edition) is available now and includes a DVD that has, among other awesome things, and exclusive interview with Mr. Elfman.  You can purchase it here, or buy the mp3 of the score itself here.