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The Amazing Spider-Man (James Horner)

The Amazing Spider-Man Soundtrack Cover (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man Soundtrack by James Horner (2012)

Get it: If you enjoy the music of other Horner soundtracks but also like a bit of a modern flare

Don’t get it: If you prefer the sounds of the sequel soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Immediately, in the first seconds of the soundtrack, it is almost like the listener is being placed in some sort of trance.  The music is mesmerizing.  Horner consistently makes beautiful use of the piano.  The combination of instruments mix perfectly (the piano, strings, and accenting brass).  The occasional use of vocals is just right.  Throughout the soundtrack is an excellent variation between action, confusion, playfulness, and beauty.

James Horner is somehow able to convey an amazing sense of awe, wonder, and mystery before turning straight to action and intensity.  Before long, though, it switches again to inspiration then back to wonder.  Parts of this soundtrack are reminiscent of Horner’s other scores such as The Mask of Zorro and A Beautiful Mind with a little bit of Titanic thrown into the mix.  There is also a good use of modernism in there as well.

It is easy to get lost in the music (in a good way).  Parts are heavy while other parts, such as “Playing Basketball”, are delightfully playful.  The note progression is proof that James Horner seems to know exactly where to go with his music.  He is able to achieve a fairy-tale like enchantment (almost like a spell) on one track but then another is clearly an action track.  Flashes of the main theme are used well throughout with good variations in each use.  It is easy to imagine what emotions a character is experiencing just by hearing the music and the emotions infused in it.  While this soundtrack may seem slightly redundant and perhaps boring to those who do not like this style, it is an excellent soundtrack for most.  It is a perfect example of a film score that deserves listening without a film to accompany it.  This is because it is true music that is made for the ear and not to assist the eye.

When the main theme is in full splendor it is inspiring, glorious, and uplifting.  It is so easy to see Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York City.  Overall, this is an amazing soundtrack that places as one of the best to come out in the 2010’s.

Click here to listen to the last track (the end credits begin about halfway through this clip)

Click here to shop for the soundtrack

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