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Deep in the Darkness (Matthew Llewellyn)

Deep in the Darkness Soundtrack Cover (2014)

Deep in the Darkness Soundtrack by Matthew Llewellyn (2014)

Get it: If you are looking for a soundtrack that carries a lot of weight and is both intense and mysterious

Don’t get it: If you are looking for an adventurous tune with a dynamic main theme

Intensity.  Suspense.  Action.  Even a little beauty.  This is all in Llewellyn’s soundtrack for Deep in the Darkness.  As soon as the listener gets lost in the enchantment and mystery of the score, you’re brought back by the intensity of the next part.  Llewellyn has a consistently excellent use of strings with brass/piano accompaniment.  Parts are reminiscent of the Alfred Hitchcock days, while other parts are much more modern with an almost Jaws-like feel.  The depth of the use of strings can really draw the listener into the music, which sets a very good mood for the film and almost serves as a type of warning system.

The combination of smooth notes with more pulsating and hectic ones establishes a wonderfully done sense of uneasiness.  There is an underlying sense of unrest and almost anger mixed in throughout.  Certain tracks, such as “Don’t Trust Lady Zellis”, have rather beautiful elements to them.

One moment can be complex, intricate, and intense, then turn to emanate silent fear, like something very bad is on the verge of happening.  When the brass is used, it adds a quite real sense of danger because of the manner in which it is used.  There is not too much or too little.  “We’re Not Going Back” and “The Swarm” stand out because the rhythm of the instruments and anger of the brass come together for a piece done masterfully.

This soundtrack has a fairly consistent theme, so you would have to like that in order to fully appreciate the entire soundtrack.  Overall, a wonderful soundtrack that is heavy, mysterious, and has real substance to it and is very full of emotions.  Very well done by a composer with a very bright future.

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