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Into the West (Geoff Zanelli)

Into the West Soundtrack Cover

Into the West Soundtrack by Geoff Zanelli (2013)

Get it:  If you are looking for a soundtrack that incorporates numerous emotions with settler/Native American music

Don’t get it:  If you are hoping for a strong brass style soundtrack

Zanelli’s score to this 6-part mini-series has finally been released to the joy of anyone who saw it.  Thanks to La-La Land Records and Paramount Music, anyone can enjoy this amazing Emmy-winning music whenever they want.  Just by listening to the very first track, the listener is immersed in another time, land, and culture.  The Native American influences on this soundtrack are used remarkably well and help to make it stand out.  There are clear instances of the settlers’  music as well.  The momentum and theme swings throughout to achieve a good amount of variety while still remaining consistent.

The beauty of the land, the mystery of the unknown, the intensity of danger, and the cry of fear are all present within Zanelli’s notes.  The score is deeply emotional and proves that Zanelli knows and understands the intricacies of truly beautiful music.  There are moment when you can feel stillness, pain, inspiration, suspense, glory, and thoughtful reflection.  All of this creates fascinating music.  It is extraordinarily easy to get pulled into the music and forget where you are.  This represents a perfect example of a beautiful mix of rhythm and melody working together to accomplish something great.

The combination of the old with the new as expressed in this soundtrack is unique and gripping.  Even though struggles and changes are clearly a part of the music, it never goes off course.  This is a true masterpiece that never ceases to amaze the listener with its sometimes stirring, other times intense, and always beautiful score.  The mood, feel, and emotions trapped in the sound waves do wonders for the viewer and listener in helping them not only understand, but truly feel a part of what the characters are going through.  Overall, an amazing soundtrack that deserves every accolade it can get.

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Special Note:  For anyone interested, Geoff will be appearing at the Fans of Film Music panel on August 30th.  More information can be found by clicking here.

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