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Into the Storm (Brian Tyler)

Into the Storm Soundtrack Cover

Into the Storm Soundtrack by Brian Tyler (2014)

Get it:  If you are looking for a soundtrack that does an excellent job of capturing the essence of a storm and even some qualities of humanity

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for a soundtrack that focuses on more adventure or “John Williams majesty” qualities

The soundtrack for Into the Storm, to be released soon by Varèse Sarabande, gives the listener a rush.  Parts feel like a storm is on the horizon while other parts feel as if you’re in the middle of a storm with extreme intensity.  This OST does a wonderful job of capturing the feel of a storm in both its dark intensity as well as its almost calming serenity and natural beauty.  It builds power as it progresses and once it reaches a peak, that level of power can be used throughout as needed.

The score has a type of dark and mystic quality, not like that of adventurous or majestic scores.  Tyler makes great use of strings, brass, and percussion throughout.  In particular, the strings have a great and consistent quality in their use that lasts throughout the soundtrack as a regulating force.

Although this is heavily intense and storm-like,  which obviously works with the film, it is also quite beautiful at times and a well composed piece of art by itself.  Not all of it surrounds the aspects of a storm.  Certain tracks, such as “Humanity Arising” focus more on, well, the human element.  There are also moments of a more personal nature.  Other tracks, like “The Titus” are nice change that adds variety to the theme but still fits in as good music.

Brian Tyler’s soundtrack for Into the Storm is a perfect fit for the film – so good that any composer would find it a challenge to capture the same essence that he did in this achievement.  Although the stories are very different, listening to this could also get you very excited for Tyler’s upcoming work on Avengers: Age of Ultron.  In the end, it can be put very plainly – it’s a very well done soundtrack.

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