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Anonymous Rejected Filmscore (John Murphy)

Anonymous Rejected Filmscore Cover

Anonymous Rejected Filmscore by John Murphy (2014)

Get it: If you like a newer style of soundtrack that is a good combination of orchestra/rock styles

Don’t get it: If you want a score that relies more on the harp, piano, cello styles.

WARNING: Avoid this soundtrack if you do not like songs getting stuck in your head!

Seriously, though, there’s something unique about this score to be released August 16th by Taped Noise that sticks with you after hearing it.  It isn’t like other scores that “blend in” to a certain mainstream style.  Rather, this is most definitely it’s own score.  The emotions are clear.  The variety between tracks is well done, you don’t get tired of hearing this style or that style because it changes.

Although we will not try to speculate as to which film this was intended for, your mind cannot help but wonder.  Especially after listening to it, there is a particular intrigue as to what score was chosen over this one.  Here, there’s emotion, motivation, sadness, inspiration, awe, and more.  It isn’t by any means a one track score, no pun intended.

An electric guitar and drum set will take over this powerful part, but before long you’ll be listening to a soft moment with strings.  But then a strong brass presence overlaying the strings adds even more emotion.  If you wait just a bit more, you’ll notice a choir to add humanity to the piece.  The choir can be strong, adding a nice sense of the strength of humanity at times, but also sometimes subtly so.  The whole soundtrack changes feelings well throughout its entirety.

Overall, a great listen if you like the style of music.  Definitely worth trying out by clicking the preview link below.  John Murphy was right to release this soundtrack without the assistance of the film.

UPDATE:  This score is now available on a limited edition white vinyl from the John Murphy Store now.  Experience it in a depth that only a vinyl can give you — get to the store now!

Check out our interview with John Murphy!

Click here to preview the soundtrack

Click here , here or here to shop for the soundtrack

Visit John’s website at

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  1. Although certain parts I think could be used for something like ‘Casino Royale’, I definitely think this OST could work for something like ‘Tron: Legacy’ better than the chosen score. Good job John!!!


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