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Moms’ Night Out (Marc & Steffan Fantini)

Mom’s Night Out Soundtrack Cover

Moms’ Night Out by Marc & Steffan Fantini (2014)

Get it:  If you want a soundtrack that is not heavy on the drama and is more fun

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for something deep and dramatic

The Fantini brothers have done something pretty cool here.  This soundtrack is playful, and parts are a little mischievous, while other parts are just fun.  It’s a modern styled score that’s done well.

In order to enjoy this, you have to like the lightheartedness and fun quality of it.  If you want something dramatic, this isn’t it.  It’s not all about being playful, though, there’s also action, inspiration (particularly in “Totally Committed”), and more.  “Car Chase” is a high point as well.  The guitars, piano, bass, drums, brass, strings – it’s all there and very enjoyable.

There’s a great use of instruments throughout.  Marc and Steffan mixed it up very well.  This soundtrack more than fulfills it’s job of supplying the feel to the film, it’s easy to tell just by listening to it.  Re-listing the adjectives to describe it so far:








All of these seem to point back to the film, don’t they?  There’s also a little bit of quirkiness to it as well.

In the end, a fantastic job by Marc and Steffan Fantini on a soundtrack that’s definitely worth a listen.  So – go on, check it out!

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