A Walk Among The Tombstones (Carlos Rafael Rivera)

A Walk Among The Tombstones Soundtrack Cover

A Walk Among The Tombstones Soundtrack Cover

A Walk Among The Tombstones Soundtrack by Carlos Rafael Rivera (2014)

Get it:  If you are looking for a suspenseful soundtrack that doesn’t venture into the action genre

Don’t get it:  If you want something full of action or fast-paced music

The soundtrack to A Walk Among The Tombstones, by Carlos Rafael Rivera, is a classic suspense soundtrack.  Released by Varèse Sarabande, this is a very well done OST.  Immediately, the listener is thrown into something suspenseful.  A good amount of mystery and intensity is expressed.  Slow, drawn-out strings do wonders for the feeling.  The accompanying instruments, such as the piano, really seal the job.  One thing to note, though, is that it isn’t the longest of soundtracks.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but something that you may want to note.

The style of music is consistent here, but the tracks are clearly different, so there is not much repeating (and consequently, not much boredom).  Rivera does a great job of holding back on the action and staying on track with the intrigue.  Anyone who’s a fan of the “Good Ol’ Suspenseful Music” should like this. 

To wrap up in one sentence – anyone who likes simply suspenseful soundtracks will definitely want to take a look at this.  A big congrats to Rivera for the job he did here.

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