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Whiplash (Justin Hurwitz and Tim Simonec)

Whiplash Soundtrack Cover
Whiplash Soundtrack Cover

Whiplash Soundtrack by Justin Hurwitz and Tim Simonec (2014)

Get it:  If you enjoy a unique soundtrack that emphasizes jazz and big band music

Don’t get it:  If you’re looking for a traditional orchestral or electronic style soundtrack

You like jazz?  You like big band?  Well, you’ll love this soundtrack from Varèse Sarabande.

This is a refreshingly original take on a film score in today’s era where soundtracks are usually so action/drama based.  As the soundtrack starts out, it is very smooth.  Any fan of this style music should love it since it is done so well.  Strong bass, drums, trumpets, and more are used to stay true to the jazz focus.  Although the tracks vary in length, rest assured that the OST is fairly significant overall. 

Occasionally there is some dialogue in the soundtrack, but it doesn’t distract too much from the music.  As the soundtrack progresses, it gets significantly more dramatic.  “Accident” is a good example of an interesting use of the jazz style to be transformed into a dramatic cue.  It grows to be a little bit more ‘typical’.  But, before long, you’re back to the great original big band theme. “Fletcher’s Song in a Club” is particularly nice.  The added piano and change of pace is welcome, but not missed when gone due to the quality of the rest of the tracks. 

For a jazz or big band fan, this is a ‘must listen.’  For a soundtrack fan, it is definitely worth checking out for, if nothing else, its fresh style.  Fantastic job by Hurwitz and Simonec to create this wonderful soundtrack.

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