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Camp X-Ray (Jess Stroup)

Camp X-Ray Soundtrack
Camp X-Ray Soundtrack

Camp X-Ray Soundtrack by Jess Stroup (2014)

Get it:  If you like cold, electronic styled soundtracks

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for a more orchestral score

Lakeshore Records has released this soundtrack to the film Camp X-Ray, starring Kristen Stewart and featuring music by Jess Stroup.  Jess has a history of electric styled music, and his score absolutely reflects this.  Although there are uses of other, non-electronic instruments, such as a piano, it is still very electronic based.  Don’t expect this electronic sound to come in the form of a nightclub techno style, but something more cinematically dramatic. 

This score really emphasizes loneliness more than anything else.  Not action, suspense, adventure – but loneliness.  It accomplishes this in part by being a low-profile soundtrack.  That isn’t to say that it goes unnoticed, but rather that it isn’t ‘loud’.  It is interesting how a repeating theme is used.  The titles indicate this repetition with the tracks, “Empty Hallways” 1, 2, and 3.  Some tracks, such as “Dismissed,” sound a little like an electronic version of a track from Man of Steel

This soundtrack isn’t very long, but it does it’s job efficiently.  The director of the film, Peter Sattler, wanted something “cold” – and that’s exactly what Stroup delivered.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think of it:

Click here or here to shop for the soundtrack digitally

Click here to pre-order the CD

Click here for more info from Lakeshore Records

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