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Exodus: Gods and Kings (Alberto Iglesias)

Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack Cover
Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack Cover

Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack by Alberto Iglesias (2014)

Get it:  If you like gritty and ancient sounding soundtracks

Don’t get it:  If you want something adventurous or heroic

Sony Classical will release, on December 15th, Alberto Iglesias’ soundtrack to the film Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Immediately, the opening places you in another land during another era.  It is quite interesting how Iglesias is able to combine the modern with the ancient.  A mix of foreign sounding instruments with crying vocals help for the ancient feel, but the rapid beats of the percussion definitely promote a modern movie experience.  The intensity captured really gives a good sense of the setting.

Even though there is a lot of intensity and action, there’s a lot more to it than just that.  Some tracks, like “Goodbyes”, are very emotional (expressed through strings).  Even though this is true, there is a lot of power and action as well.  In the track “Leaving Memphis”, there is excellent strong brass.  Some parts of this OST seem to have been written for something epic.

There is some feeling of adventure at times, but it is not a regular theme by any means.  Certain tracks have the power to potentially be very impactful in the context of the film, such as “I Need a General”.  Iglesias has done a good job with this soundtrack and creating an atmosphere perfectly suited for the film.

Here is a preview of the soundtrack

Click here to preorder the soundtrack

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