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Sabrina (John Williams)

Sabrina Soundtrack Cover (John Williams)

Sabrina Soundtrack by John Williams (1995)

Get it: If you like a flowing score with great piano use

Don’t get it: If you are looking for a soundtrack that features heavy Williams brass or significant rhythm

This is going to be a short soundtrack review.  There isn’t much to say about a soundtrack that is the essence of beauty.

The piano solo featured is absolutely amazing.  The arrangement of the notes and instruments is somehow reminiscent of a waterfall.  It is all-to-easy to get lost in the music.  This is not a powerful or strong example of the usual John Williams brass, but it is not at all needed.  It is extremely elegant, sophisticated, and just simply beautiful.  The track, “Nantucket Visit” is an exquisitely well done track that emanates playfulness which, if personified, would perfectly match the dialogue and dynamics of the two brothers (Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear). The main theme is another perfect representation of the story and amazing to listen to just because it is worth it.  The track featuring Sting cannot be done much better than it was.

And that’s it.  There isn’t anything else to say.  In fact, trying to find something else to say would just be another understatement or redundant.  This is a prime example of a through-and-through beautiful collection of music.

Click here to listen to the Main Theme

Click here to listen to another clip

Click here to shop for the soundtrack

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