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Pacific Rim (Ramin Djawadi)

Pacific Rim Soundtrack Cover (2013)

Pacific Rim Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi (2013)

Get it: If you enjoy the feel of Djawadi’s other works or a very modern sounding and intriguing soundtrack

Don’t get it: If you are looking for a soundtrack with a traditional classical element

Pacific Rim, a movie about giant robots controlled by humans to fight against monsters, actually drew more acclaim than its description would lead one to believe.  Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this film did not have an all-star cast (not that it needed one).  Although it was disappointingly subtle (not Djawadi’s fault), the soundtrack was not only a good one but suited the movie well.  In fact, it did a fantastic job of helping to set the feelings, emotions, and tone of the film.  That is always a major plus for a composer whenever that is done properly.

The soundtrack is a very good combination of two of Djawadi’s other major scores: Iron Man and the hit TV show Person of Interest.  The rock and heavy action music is reminiscent of Iron Man while the more orchestral parts are closer to the show.

The method used to combine the brass, strings, and percussion is quite well done.  What makes it so intriguing is that the combination is not one which blends the music into one sound.  Instead, it focuses on combining the elements together while still keeping them at their own glory. The occasional use of vocals was not particularly special or unique, but they did well for the music.

Although the soundtrack in its entirety is somewhat stagnant, if it is a sound you like then you’re set.  It is not boring (unless, of course, you particularly dislike that style of music).  When Pacific Rim 2 comes out, Djawadi is wanted back with only a few tweaks.  His music has to be louder, more prominent, a little more varied, and more dynamic.  Some might think one of the charms of this soundtrack is that, even in its “rocky” stage, it is still a little “blurry”.  If Djawadi is able to make the next track sound clearer, stronger, and more powerful, that could go a long way toward a better score.  As previously stated, a little more variety may also help.  Overall, however, this is a good soundtrack that was very well done and Guillermo del Toro should be more than happy with it.

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