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The Giver (Marco Beltrami)

The Giver Soundtrack Cover

This is our first review that was chosen by the readers!

The Giver by Marco Beltrami (2014)

Get it:  If you want a beautiful soundtrack that has a classic feel to it yet is certainly from the past decade

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for the consistently heavy presence of percussion similar to the work of Hans Zimmer

Marco Beltrami’s soundtrack to The Giver, to be released by Sony Classics, is quite a piece of art.  Overall, it is very deep.  Some intense action is on the horizon, but so is something beautiful.  Parts of it can almost feel like “running through the clouds” or something along those lines.  It is thoughtful, introspective music, that is sometimes on the verge of being adventurous.

It can be surprisingly uplifting, deeply emotional, and quite beautiful in a not-so-subtle way, which works extremely well here.  Beltrami combines just the right elements to create the feelings expressed in the music, such as a soothing harp, pulsing strings, and smooth vocals.  You can also find brass in a good symbol of strength that isn’t overpowering.  However, this is not all about just beauty.  There’s also plenty of turmoil expressed as well.  That does not, though, ever overpower or out-do the majesty of the rest of the soundtrack.  There is a range of emotions here, some of Beltrami’s tracks placing you in a state where you feel as if you are lying in the grass, staring at the stars, or on the top of a mountain, and other such feelings.

This is a perfect example of what an original soundtrack should be – fantastic on its own as a work of art as well as something that adds another layer of emotion and meaning to a story.  There is a bit of a timeless feel in the music, but there is no doubt that it was made in the past decade.  The track “First Memory” is particularly great, although it is very hard to pick just one track out of the rest.

This is a fantastic soundtrack that inspires you and brings you to the edge of your seat, all while being a story in-and-of itself.  Another fantastic job done by Marco Beltrami.

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