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Ballet Boys (Henrik Skram)

Ballet Boys Soundtrack Cover

Ballet Boys by Henrik Skram (2014)

Get it:  If you are looking for a soundtrack that has a classic charm to it

Don’t get it:  If you want a soundtrack that is more of a modern action type score

Norwegian composer Henrik Skram certainly proved with this soundtrack that documentaries do not equal a lesser soundtrack.

He sometimes uses strings in a strong, driving way in the forefront.  Sometimes it is intense, but other times it is rather soft and quiet.  It has an interesting ability to pull you into the zone where Skram wants you.  Most soundtracks of this day don’t have what this one does, which is this type of classic feel.  Although there may be nothing wrong with modern soundtracks having their own style of sound, it is always refreshing to have something like this that has a timeless quality to it.  It has a certain charm, if you will.

While some tracks are very intense and very driving, there are plenty of other tracks that express more sentiment, passion, or spontaneity.  Although this is not a very long soundtrack, there is plenty of good material in there, and we would all probably rather have a shorter soundtrack of great material than a longer one of mediocre quality.

Fans of Danny Elfman will likely enjoy parts of this, particularly the track “Grasse” which stands out.  In the end, this is a very well done soundtrack that is definitely worth checking out.

Click here to listen to “Grasse”

Click here or here to shop for the soundtrack

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