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Interview with Ah2


Ah2 – Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams

FSC:  What inspired you to compose music?
Mark:  As a child when I began piano lessons, I seemed to always interpret music differently than what was on the page.  Looking back, I clearly see that the inspiration to compose music is a gift from God and there is no stopping that gift from manifesting itself.
FSC:  What is the biggest challenge with writing music for reality television shows?
Mark:  The main difference is that we are not working with a script in advance and do not always get a locked cut prior to composing.  This sometimes creates more back and forth as we explore the musical tone with the producers.  As with any television genre, deadlines are tight and there really isn’t an option to have “writers block.”
FSC:  What is it like to be an Emmy nominated team?
Jeff:  It’s a great honor to be nominated by your peer group.
FSC:  If you could pick any upcoming major Hollywood film project to compose for, what would you pick?
Jeff:  We would love a crack at the new Star Wars saga but I think that one is already taken.
FSC:  As you gain industry experience, do you see yourselves expanding into other areas of film or do you think you are where you’re meant to be?
Mark:  Our long term vision is to continue growing in television, as well as, expand further into scripted television and feature films.
FSC:  What has been your favorite project so far?  Why?
Jeff: All of them have different facets and it’s hard to pick just one.  I guess if we had to pick a favorite, working with Steven Spielberg was a highlight.
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