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The Expendables 3 (Brian Tyler)

The Expendables 3 Soundtrack Cover

The Expendables 3 Soundtrack by Brian Tyler (2014)

Get it:  If you like action music that is not generic in style

Don’t get it:  If you want something a little less driving

Brain Tyler’s soundtrack to The Expendales 3, released by La-La Land Records and Silva Screen Records, is a good example of what a modern-day action score should be like.  It’s very motivating.  It’s the type of music that puts you on the edge of your seat by listening.  There’s more to it than just that, though.  There are also softer, more retrospective moments as well.  Tyler exhibits a great blend of styles here, combining pounding bass with some pulsating strings, accompanied by angry brass.  Don’t forget the track with the piano, though!

If you are easily bored with percussion and bass soundtracks, regardless of any good accompaniment, then you’ll likely not go for this since these elements are used in the forefront.  However, if you do like action music, this is great for you.  Even though it does fall into the “action score” genre, it has uniqueness to it.  It isn’t just some generic stock music used for an action film.  There’s a lot of thought put into this OST.

Although it isn’t easily “hummable” (what action score really is), it can be easy to travel into the music.  While it is mostly dramatic, suspenseful, and full of action, there are some really cool surprises in there as well, such as “Galgos Grand Entrance.”  You can really get the theatrical power feeling from this score. 

The Expendables 3 is yet another great job by Brian Tyler.  Once again, he proved that Avengers: Age of Ultron is in fantastic hands.

Click here to listen/shop the soundtrack

Click here or here to shop for the soundtrack

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