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Fury (Steven Price)

Fury Soundtrack Cover
Fury Soundtrack Cover

Fury Soundtrack by Steven Price (2014)

Get it:  If you want a heavily dramatic soundtrack that focuses more on darker emotion than happy melody

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for an adventurous tune

Oscar winning composer Steven Price (Gravity) was tapped to take on this film, Fury, about a World War II military team.  To be released by Varèse Sarabande on October 14th, this is a remarkable score.  It’s not typical in nature, but rather unique.  Although there are plenty of moments that seem to resemble a normally orchestrated score, there’s also a large portion that is less musically focused and more emotionally focused.   There’s no slow start – Steven Price goes right into it.  He does an excellent job of expressing the uniqueness of this war.  Price emphasizes a combination of humanity with machinery in the music, which is a match for one of the elements of the film.  As the OST starts, not only is it heavily dramatic, but it also seems to reflect a struggle on more of a personal nature.  There’s almost a crying amidst that struggle, along with some amount of loneliness perhaps?  The somewhat consistent use of accompanying vocals is quite intriguing.

This seems to be very well tailored for the film.  It is not an “easy listen” if you will.  As the depth, darkness, and drama unfolds, you hope for some form of redemption to emerge toward the end.  You hope for a “calm after the storm.”

Later, an interesting sequence of introspective moments arise.  There’s a bit of inspiration, almost implying glory on the horizon.  All of the foreshadowing of dread, darkness, etc., suddenly climaxes in what seems to be some type of heroic fight.  The music turns to be faster paced and full of action.  Then, after a sequence of events, the ‘calm after the storm’ feeling finally does arrive.  It leaves you settled with a nice finish. 

Steven Price does an amazing job on this OST to demonstrate progression.  It is rather masterfully done to put the viewer of the film in the proper state of feeling, right where the director wants you.  If you’re a fan of soundtracks – not action scores, adventurous soundtracks, romance OSTs, just soundtracks overall – you’ve got to check this one out.  You’ll likely not be disappointed.

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