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The Maze Runner (John Paesano)

The Maze Runner Soundtrack Cover
The Maze Runner Soundtrack Cover

The Maze Runner Soundtrack by John Paesano (2014)

Get it:  If you like a soundtrack that suits the dystopian style movie

Don’t get it:  If you’re looking for something with a more lighthearted feel

This soundtrack to The Maze Runner by John Paesano, released by Sony Classical, is a good fit for a dystopian styled film.  There’s a little bit of fantasy in there, but there’s also plenty of action and almost nervousness.  Parts could be compared to the work on The Dark Knight Trilogy, but Paesano does a good job of keeping the work his own.  The percussion is strong, the brass energetic, and the strings slightly ominous.

Fans of Brian Tyler’s style of soundtrack, or even Alexandre Desplat’s Godzilla, may like this.  While they are very different soundtracks and styles, there are enough potential similarities for some.  The music seems to really capture the ‘no escape’ sensation while throwing in a sense of confusion as well. 

The softer moments with a piano served as a really nice touch, especially in the middle of the harsh brass use (which was also well done).  Paesano did a good job of not falling into the trap of relying too heavily on one section of the orchestra.  There’s a pretty good variety in pace, especially for an action-type score.  The ‘Finale’ track was a highpoint because of the motivational element in it.  In the end, this soundtrack is well done and seems to work very well with the film. 

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