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Nightcrawler (James Newton Howard)

Nightcrawler Soundtrack Cover
Nightcrawler Soundtrack Cover

Nightcrawler Soundtrack by James Newton Howard (2014)

Get it:  If you want music that is not very high-energy but is high-profile

Don’t get it:  If you like something melody focused

From Lakeshore Records comes James Newton Howard’s latest soundtrack to the film Nightcrawler, available digitally on October 14th and on CD October 28th.  The opening track is a quite intriguing combination of being carefree and having your pulse pounding.    It’s an interesting twist on the typical style of James Newton Howard.  It is unique but you can still find traces of JNH in there for certain.  Also adding to the uniqueness, there is an element thrown in on occasion that is somewhat reminiscent of a jungle or safari scene. 

This is not a soundtrack that allows you to hum-along with it.  But, when paired along with the upcoming (October 31) film, this seems to set the tone very well.  It leans more toward strings and percussion than brass.  Pounding bass, rapid percussion, both fluttering and drawn-out strings, and an array of other instruments mixed in come together to form the sound of this OST.  Although this is not very high-energy (beyond the percussion), it is fairly high-profiled, just in a dense manner.  There aren’t many “wow” moments, but there are probably not supposed to be.  It seems that the music for this film is not intended to be a point of interest, but rather do it’s job of setting the mood, tone, theme, and so on.  It’s more background music than foreground.  Assuming that is the case, JNH did a great job.

Most of the tracks seem to gravitate toward being about one minute long.  Some toward the end seem to get a little longer.  It is consistent in style, there isn’t much variety.  The tracks “Lou’s Free” and “Nightcrawler” were some highlights.  In the end, some may find parts of this strange, while others will love it.  To be fair, it is pretty hard to follow a soundtrack like Maleficent.  It truly comes down to your individual taste.  Take a listen below to determine if this is for you:

Click here to pre-order the CD

Click here or here to shop for the soundtrack digitally (available October 14th)

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