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Postman Pat: The Movie (Rupert Gregson-Williams)

Postman Pat: The Movie Soundtrack Cover
Postman Pat: The Movie Soundtrack Cover

Postman Pat: The Movie Soundtrack by Rupert Gregson-Williams

Get it:  If you want a soundtrack that is adventurous and playful, not so much action or drama focused

Don’t get it:  If you like something with a more heavy substance

The soundtrack to Postman Pat: The Movie, from Lakeshore Records (available digitally now and on CD October 21st), is a classic ‘good cartoon soundtrack.’  It is based on the original British television series Postman Pat.  The opening is quite nice.  It feels somewhat like you’re settling in for a light adventure.  Gregson-Williams makes consistently good use of strings throughout to promote a happy, care-free feeling.  This is a playful soundtrack, which is good for this animated film.  It is not very dramatic, but there is no call for that, so it works perfectly fine.

Although this does not go without action music, it is done in a ‘cartoon action style.’  The brass is not overused, which adds to its impact when it is used.  Other elements that were brought it, like guitar and piano, were used well and helped to incorporate different sounds and feels.  Toward the end, more drama and action is brought forward, but it doesn’t lose the film’s true focus.  This is a more pleasant than masterful score, but that’s what it is supposed to be, so nice job Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Click here or here to shop for the soundtrack digitally

Click here for more from Lakeshore Records

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