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Interstellar (Hans Zimmer)

Interstellar Soundtrack Cover
Interstellar Soundtrack Cover

Interstellar Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (2014)

Note:  This review is for the Deluxe Edition

Get it:  If you like a soundtrack that captures space with a Zimmer twist

Don’t get it:  If you aren’t a fan of Zimmer’s style

From WaterTower Music comes Hans Zimmer’s newest soundtrack, this time to the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar.  It starts off with soft melody behind noise.  This doesn’t last long before the notes take the foreground.  Something stands out almost immediately – the organ.  It was used throughout and added a bit of originality and identity to this score.  At times, this soundtrack was loud in the same way other Zimmer scores can be.  However, at other times, it was distinctly soft. 

The synth and instrument choice matches the setting very well (outer space).  Something about it sounds rather stellar (go figure) and a little cold.  This seems to be a good soundtrack for the eye – something that adds to a visual experience.  The OST doesn’t have much variety.  It does give a good identity.  The majority of the notes were more drawn-out than not.  The parts that focused on rapid notes usually have slower ones backing them up.

This soundtrack to Interstellar is obviously suited for this film.  Fans of Hans Zimmer’s other scores will definitely want to give it a listen since it is consistent with his other scores with the added twist of space.

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