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Big Hero 6 (Henry Jackman)

Big Hero 6 Soundtrack Cover
Big Hero 6 Soundtrack Cover

Big Hero 6 Soundtrack by Henry Jackman (2014)

Get it:  If you want a fun soundtrack that isn’t necessarily light

Don’t get it:  If you are looking for something more intense, dramatic, or glorious

Big Hero = Big Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records has just released on CD the soundtrack to the animated film Big Hero 6 by Henry Jackman.  This score makes great use of both classic and modern instruments throughout.  Some of it is classical, some more techno, while still more is rock music.  There is a track by Fall Out Boy, but other than that it is Jackman’s music.  It is fun, but not in a light way.  It’s substantially fun.

The soundtrack is balanced very well in style, instruments, tone, feeling, and more.  Jackman’s score seems perfect for an animated film.  If you have worries that it is tailored for the film and may not be good to listen to just because, then don’t worry.  It is absolutely good for listening without boredom.  Viewing the film as well is not a requirement, although it may help you appreciate the music better.

There is a theme used throughout but not so much that it gets overused.  Part of this story has Japanese influence, and the music reflects this, but again not overly so.  This is an excellent soundtrack worth checking out without a doubt.

Check out one of the highlights, “Huggable Detective”,  below:

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