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Wishin’ and Hopin’ (Matthew Llewellyn)

Wishin' and Hopin' Soundtrack Cover
Wishin’ and Hopin’ Soundtrack Cover

Wishin’ and Hopin’ Soundtrack by Matthew Llewellyn (2014)

Get it: If you like orchestral soundtracks that are not too focused on drama

Don’t get it:  If you want something full of intense action, suspense, or heavy drama

MovieScore Media has released Matthew Llewellyn’s newest soundtrack, this time for Colin Theys’ film Wishin’ and Hopin’.  Right in the very beginning, you can tell that any fans of John Williams’ work on the film Home Alone will definitely enjoy this score as well.  This is a complete 180 switch for Llewellyn who just recently scored his first solo soundtrack in Deep in the Darkness.  That was so focused on intensity and suspense for the horror film, but for this one he changed it around.  Just read the “Don’t get it” line for the contrast.

Although this absolutely sounds like a Christmas soundtrack, it isn’t done in a typical way, such as being full of sleigh bells.  Rather, Llewellyn uses a more orchestral approach.  Strings are used well throughout.  The theme is used consistently and nicely.  The score has just the right amount of playfulness without loosing its substantial quality.  This composer makes great use of an orchestra in a way similar to John Williams that is getting increasingly harder to find.

It sometimes feels like you’re listening to a story.  This, of course, is a huge help to any film and establishes an identity.  This is a very enjoyable score from a rising composer.  Matthew won, among others, the award for ‘Up and Coming Composer’ at the 1st Annual Film Soundtrack Center Awards.  If his first two solo soundtracks are any indication of the future, then he has a very bright path ahead of him worth looking forward to.

Here is a preview of Matthew Llewellyn’s score to Wishin’ and Hopin’:

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